Wine Testing Session in Paris

France is known for its exquisite ambience and is celebrated worldwide for its hospitality. The love and warmth of the French people are exhibited in their culture; a rare gem that epitomises Paris as the world’s “City of Love”. One thing that makes Paris majestic is its collection of wine. The world only knows of Champagne (which is actually a wine region), but there are over 300 brands of wine available in France.

The French Wines

The earliest recorded French wine collection dates back to 1936 where more than 20 brands were commissioned. They included the Anjou-Coteaux de la Loire, Arbios, Champagne, Chiroubles, Tavel, Pomerol among others. Throughout the mid-20th century, there have been various discoveries of wine brands scattered all over France with Loire, Burgundy and Bordeaux featuring prominently.

The latest creations were recorded in 2011, with South West France featuring prominently. Brands such as Haut-Poitou, Tursan, Saint-Mont, Coteaux du Quercy and Vins d’Entraygues et du Fel were brought to life.

Wines Testing Sessions

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With such distinct vineyards and a host of brands throughout France, the experience can be enhanced if one finds it necessary to be a wine taster. This adventure helps in the following ways :

  • Makes one an expert in French wines. If one can successfully differentiate the tastes of even half of the French brands, he or she is deemed a Master in French cuisine.
  • Wine is a French heritage and anyone who finds it a study element has to understand the French Culture. Such discoveries go deeper into vineyard farming and vinification techniques.
  • Such skills can be a career in itself. Wine tasting is a job on its own in most of the alcohol production companies, and if such certification is from France, you have an upper hand.

How to book a wine tasting session in Paris ?

Two solutions are available to you:

  • Either you choose a wine tasting course
  • Either you choose a culinary food tour in Paris (to know more about it) that combines a French recipes with good wines.

In both cases, you will not regret the excellence of French food!