How Parisians taste and determine the quality of wines

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France is one of the top most countries where they produce the finest wines worldwide. This country is peppered with wineries and wine tasting places, especially to visitors. At times it may become an overwhelming opportunity for some wine loving people due to the wide range of French wines. In every three stars to the 5-star hotel that you visit, the waiters make sure you taste their wines. This process of wine tasting has three steps, which are;

1. Taking a look at the wine

When looking at the glass, you are supposed to focus on the color. Also, give a small tilt to the glass. The inclination will help you see the real color from the edge of the glass. This can help you foretell whether the wine is good or not. If the color seems quite pale and watery, the wine is automatically of low quality hence it might not be very tasty. If the edge is orange for the red wine or brown for the white wine, it means that the wine might be past its prime.2. Smelling the wine

A good sense of smell is a crucial part in determining the quality of wines. Smelling is used to determine if the wine is corked or not. While smelling the wine, you should try to focus on the perfume of the wine. To establish a corked wine, the scent will feel like a musty attic or a wet newspaper.

3. Tasting the wine

After smelling the perfume, the next step is for you to taste the flavors of the wine. Tasting is to determine several scents of the wine. These scents range from spicy-sweet, fruity, smoky, etc. The tasting process relies on good your sense of taste is. It is the most exciting step, and through focusing on your feelings, you will enjoy the tasting moments, and you will gain more experience, and this experience will lead you to highlight more flavors.

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